PublicShow -- Configure Linked Data (LOD) access

Load the linked-data server and the library to register HTTP handlers. and then register your LOD areas and/or handlers for locations that are redirected from e.g., Multiple handlers can point to lod_api/1, but one handler should not be a prefix of another one (as in /rdf/ and /rdf/time/). The first example assumes that requests for RDF URIs arrive at this server directly or through a proxy. The latter assumes that /mydata/ on is redirected to /purl/rdf/ on this server and all RDF URIs start with

The bounded_description(cbd) option selects the default Concise Bounded Description. The alternative is scbd (Symetric Concise Bounded Description), which also includes triples that have the target as object.

See also
- cliopatria(api/lod)